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    Kai's Ultimate Surfari Guide

    Admin/ Founder
    Admin/ Founder

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    Kai's Ultimate Surfari Guide

    Post by millsluver_98 on Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:05 pm

    Level 1:
    Use the spacebar to gain speed as you head toward the wave. Press the UP arrow key to get up when you reach the wave. It's important to stay in the middle of the wave because if you stay too close to the edges, you're on the risk of falling. Use the LEFT and RIGHT to balance. The very first time you play all the levels you will not learn any tricks, but you will get 10 points for balancing. After you get enough points you will learn some new tricks. Press correct letters on your keyboard to do a trick. The tricks for this level are: Q(15 pts, Handstand), A(20 pts, Hang 5), Z(25 pts, Hang 10). With 10's you need 50 pts to learn a trick, and once you know all the tricks, you need 300 pts to go to Level 2. The board you are using at this level is a Longboard.
    Level 2:
    Get to the wave the same way you did on level one. Right now you have your 10 pts plus the w key which gives you 15 pts. It's pretty easy on this level, and the tricks get you more points. They are W(50 pts, Praying), S(60 pts, Switchfoot), X(70 pts, Standing 360). You need 600 pts to go to Level 3. The board you're using at this level is a Funboard.

    Level 3:
    The waves are know bigger, which is actually easier to swim on because on the last two levels you had a long board and short waves and you always kept moving away. But know you have big waves and small boards. Anyways, get to the wave, stand up and stand in the middle of the wave, now you have more time to get 10 pts, for balancing, and use the Q, W, S, and X keys. It seems that when you get to the big waves for levels 3 & 4, the level 2 keys are still availible. But here are the tricks for level 3: ER(two key tricks!!80 pts, Off the lip), DF(100 pts, Floater), CV(125 pts, Arial ). You need 1000 pts to go to the final level, Level 4.The board you're using is a Fish.

    Level 4:
    This is the final level. Complete it, and you'll earn the Surfmaster trophy. With the Shortboard under your uh, character, you just have to finish this level and you're done. The wave is big, but you've gotten used to it last time. You have four extra tricks you can use(Q,W,S,X), which makes it faster to complete the level. Your new and final tricks are: RY(150 pts, Roundhouse Cutback), FH(175 pts,Tube Ride), and VN(200 pts, 360 Grab) Get to 2000 pts, and you've won the game!!!!!!!!!!!, but if you want 10 fitness pts instead of 8, then follow the tip below.

    TIP: If you want the most points in the game and 10 fitness, then do VN on the last level until you get to 1800 pts, then do a handstand till you get 1995 pts. Then do the 360 grab one more time, and well, 2,195 pts! Maximum and has the best results.

    Well, that's it. Hope it helped. I tried my best on it. This is an easy game once you get the hang of it.
    Mini Moderator
    Mini Moderator

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    Re: Kai's Ultimate Surfari Guide

    Post by klq123 on Thu Mar 26, 2009 5:14 am

    this game has always been hard for me! i can never do it!!!

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