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    Black Belt Karate Guide

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    Black Belt Karate Guide Empty Black Belt Karate Guide

    Post by millsluver_98 on Fri Feb 13, 2009 7:01 pm

    To achieve the different belt levels on millsberry requires both playing the karate game and completing of a series of tasks. You also need to maintaining your health, athletics, intelligence and civics but that should be easy. Before you can earn your belt, this is what you need to complete and the level you need to keep your stats above:

    No belt, going for White: 16% and over
    White belt, going for Yellow: 28% and over
    Yellow belt, going for Orange: 43% and over
    Orange belt, going for Green: 56% and over
    Green belt, going for Blue: 70% and over
    Blue belt, going for Brown: 84% and over
    Brown belt, going for Black: 98% and over

    White Belt - Purchase a Gi at the Toy Store
    Yellow Belt - Send a "Thank You" card to robertjwilliams
    Orange Belt - Capture a picture of Sylvie
    Green Belt - Find the Sensei's cousin Patricks watch in the Colehurst Tunnels
    Blue Belt - Pass a quiz about past events in millsberry
    Brown Belt - Fish in the Peabody Park Pond and find the wallet, ring and camera that were lost by the Sensei's cousin patrick
    Black Belt - Grown and prune a Bonsai tree until it looks just like the bonsai tree in the poster given to you by the sensei.
    In-depth Millsberry Blackbelt Guide

    Earning the White Belt:
    First, buy a "Gi and safety gear" from the Trcks, Toys & Games shop
    Now you need to actually play the game. You need play the game and get 10 hits for both blocking and attacking. Don't send the score unless you do. This can be accomplished in 1 day.
    Congrats on obtaining your first belt, the white belt.

    Earning the Yellow Belt:
    The task that needs to be completed for the belt is sending a thank you card to robertjwilliams. First, go here and pick a thank you card to send.
    Leave the "From:" box as it is. In the "To:" box, enter "robertjwilliams".
    Once you send the card, you should see a message reading "You successfully delivered a Thank You greeting to Robert J. Williams. Go back and see the Sensei!"
    Now you just need to get 10 hits for both blocking and attacking 6 games. Since you can only send scores 3 times a day, this will take 2 days to complete.

    Earning the Orange Belt:
    The task you need to complete is to take a picture of Sylvie.
    To take a picture of Sylvie there are two things you must do.

    1. You must get a camera from the Home Electronics Superstore (or from a YardSale) and leave it in your queue. DO NOT put it in your house or it will not take the picture for you. You can buy either the digital camera or the Point and Shoot camera.

    2. You must visit Sylvane Lake while Sylvie is out. This link will take you to the lake:

    To find Sylvie when she is out....
    Sylvie is out 3 times per day. She appears the first time between 7:00am and 12:00pm EST and is out for 1 hour. It's always from the top of the hour to the bottom of the hour (8:00 to 9:00, for example) as opposed to random times (like 8:17 to 9:17).
    She makes her second appearance 5 hours after the initial appearance. So if she's out at 10:00am she will be out again at 3:00pm
    The third appearance doesn't seem to have any time pattern but it's always in the evenings. She is out for 1 hour each evening but you can't be sure of the time.
    Now, once you see Syvlie, you will automatically take a picture of her. "You just took a picture of Sylvie. Go show it to the Sensei!"

    Earning the Green Belt
    - Find the Sensei's cousin's watch in the colehurst tunnels The watch is in the colehurst tunnels. There are three hidden tunnel chambers that could contain the watch. They can be accessed by following these directions:

    #1. Enter the tunnels, make a right turn and go to the dead end. There is a rock on the wall that is clickable. Click that rock and it will take you into the 1st hidden chamber.

    #2. Upon entering the tunnels go straight ahead and keep going until you reach a place where you have to turn either left or right. There will be a small rock on the wall that is clickable. That will let you into the 2nd hidden chamber.

    #3. Follow the directions to chamber #2 but turn left when you reach the left or right choice. Go straight until you reach a point where you must turn right. Turn right and the wall in front of you will again have a clickable rock. Click that rock and it will let you into the 3rd chamber.
    NOTE: The watch is not buried. It will be just lying on the floor of one of the hidden chambers.

    Earning the Blue Belt
    Take a quiz about past events in Millsberry. The quiz consists of 24 questions and can be quite challenging. I will give you all the answers.
    1. Choose Breakfast Challenge
    2. The Energetic Mangoes
    3. March 4, 2005
    4. Simon Szabo
    5. Artemisia Gentileschi
    6. Carlos Guerro
    7. An old newspaper article
    8. Suzie Johnston
    9. Chip the Wolf
    10. Spooky Story Night
    11. Millsberry Community Center
    12. Sugar Glider
    13. November 23, 2005
    14. The White Elephant Gift Exchange
    15. Snowflake Tokens
    16. Berry Lucky Charms (r)
    17. Plants
    18. Chocolate Lucky Charms (r)
    19. The Maldives
    20. Lucky Charms (r) bracelet
    21. Kelly Timbell
    22. The first major snowfall of the season occured
    23. It's 200th anniversary
    24. The Charmed Life Scavenger Hunt

    Brown Belt
    Fish in Peabody Park pond to find the Sensei's cousin's lost ring, wallet and Camera
    This is one of the easier tasks, but it can sometimes take a bit of time.

    First, go to the pond in Peabody Park

    Click the link for Bobby's bait shack to purchase the bait you need for the task. If you don't already have a fishing pole I recommend purchasing the red fishing pole but that's just personal preference.

    Purchase your bait - I purchase 3 of each type of bait they have in the bait shack.

    Return to the pond and start fishing. There are three locations in which you can fish and I fish with each type of bait once in each location.

    Keep buying bait and fishing until you get the three items

    Make sure you keep track of the items you do find (meaning the ring, wallet and the camera) because it will not notify you that the task is complete after you have caught the third item.

    Black Belt
    Grow and prune a bonsai tree that was given to you by the sensei This is actually easier than it sounds. The sensei will give you a poster showing what the bonsai tree should look like and there is a book in the bookstore entitled Caring for a Red Leaf Bonsai that also provides some helpful hints.

    The tree will show at the bottom of the "My Place" screen below your trophies. The best advice I can give you here is to wait until it grows all three tufts of leaves before you even think about pruning it. That way you can ensure 100% that you have not over-pruned it. I would prune it once and visit the dojo to see if the Sensei says the tasks is complete. If she doesn't say it is complete prune again and re-visit the dojo. Be sure to not over-prune your tree or you will remove the tufts of leaves altogether.

    It takes a few weeks for the tree to grow to the proper shape so don't despair if it seems like a slow process

    Thats all!!! Earning your black belt is a slow and tedious process but keep at it, and your hard work will eventually payoff.
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    Black Belt Karate Guide Empty Re: Black Belt Karate Guide

    Post by klq123 on Thu Mar 26, 2009 5:11 am

    so close to my blue belt!!!

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