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    Post by millsluver_98 on Sat Feb 21, 2009 10:10 pm

    To dig you need a few things in advance.
    1. A shovel. Personally I recommend the colehurst shovel because it takes the least health when you dig. But if you can't find one of those in the classifieds then I recommend the heavy duty shovel from the hardware store in the garden section, page 2
    It takes the 2nd least amount of hea lth per dig. The regular shovel takes the most health when you diet. (though its not such a good idea to go digging because of your health)

    2. A high level of health.

    3. A high level of intelligence. This gives you 'hints' when you dig about good digging locations.

    Once you have those two things you can go
    digging. On the main page below where your mail messages are listed you will see a 'dig for treasure' link. Click on it and it will take you to the colehurst tunnels Click on the woman at the register and it will take you to the room where you can purchase an admission ticket [url= /index] /index[/url]... Buy the ticket and then click on the entrance to the tunnels.

    Once you are in the tunnels only dig where it
    gives you the message "Hint: This looks like a good place to dig". If you dig once at a hint hole and you get a prize on the first dig and you don't see the message again press the F5 key to refresh the screen. If the hint does not re-appear refresh a few more times. If after a few more refreshes it does not appear again then move on to another hole - it's not likely you will find anything more in the hole in which
    you just dug.

    There are 4 different levels in the tunnel and
    there are different prizes for each level. The following is a breakdown of which items can be found on each level:

    1st level
    Ancient rock painting
    Antique lockbox key
    Antique soda bottle
    Horse stirrup
    Kerosene lantern

    2nd level
    Antique portrait
    Dinosaur skull
    Faberge egg
    Golden Laurel Crown
    Horned helmet
    Native American drum

    3rd level
    Baby papoose
    Bamboo flute
    Ceremonial mask
    Colhurst portrait
    Golden serpent
    Greek lyre
    Hero’s engine
    Porcelain doll

    4th level
    Antique lockbox
    Colhurst’s Shovel
    Egyptian sarcophagus
    Pacific island monolith
    Totem pole
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    Post by klq123 on Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:18 am

    the pacific island monolith was taken off over 2 years ago. no one has ever gotten one for over 2 years,and if u do wow,that's a one in a million chance!!!

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