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    Post by millsluver_98 on Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:56 pm


    Alien Pet: Alien Pets can no longer be sold, therefore no longer have a specific resale value. You may occasionally find one in a sale. These were placed in yard sales before the option was removed. I would also caution anyone that finds one in a sale, to be weary. Pets that have been in sales for such a long period of time may not arrive at their destination once purchased.

    Alien plant: 9 million
    Aloha Funboard: 500mbs
    Anchor: 50mbs
    Ancient Rock: 1000mbs
    Antique Camera: 40k (sold in electronic store via membership)

    Antique Candle Holder: 200k
    Antique Lamps: in donation center
    Antique Lockbox Key: 1mb
    Antique Lockbox (open): 10k
    Antique Lockbox Closed: 80k
    Antique Portrait: 90k
    Antique Radio: 50k
    Antique Soda Bottle: 1k
    Antique Telephone: 40k (sold in electronic store via membership)
    Antique Television: 40k (sold in electronic store via membership)
    Antique Typewriter: 40k(sold in electronic
    store via membership)
    Avocado Stuffed Chair: 750k


    Baby Papoose: 15k
    Bag of gold: 6 million
    Bag of Marbles: 7 million
    Bag of Silver: 7.5 million
    Bamboo Flute: 1.5k
    Barbell: 60k
    Beanbag chairs (excludes BLC beanbag): in donation center
    Big Lever: 40k (in electronic store via membership)
    Big Red Button: 100k (in electronic store via membership)
    Black Box: 60k (in electronic store via membership)
    Blank Headstone: 125k
    BLC Ball cap: 15k
    BLC Beanbag Chair (Four leaf clover Actual): 1 million
    BLC Beanbag Chair (Four leaf clover Clone): Worthless, no value
    BLC Diary: 100k
    BLC Fishing Pole: 50k
    BLC Flannel Pajamas: 6.5 million
    BLC Hammock: 175k
    BLC Kite: 25k
    BLC Refrigerator: 200k
    BLC Skateboard: 25k
    BLC Sofa: 125k
    BLC Tracksuit: 55k
    BLC T-Shirt: 30k
    BLC Wall Art: 125k
    BLC Wallpaper: 5 million
    BLC Wig: 25k
    Blue Dollhouse: 300k
    Blue Polka Dot Dress: 20k
    Blue Refrigerator: 1.5 million
    Blue Teddy Bear: 300k
    Bonsai Poster: 5 million
    Bonsai Tree: 5-10 million
    Boomerang: 15k
    Box of Chocolates: 1k
    Boughs of Holly: 100mb
    Branch: 15k
    Broken Fishing Pole: 20k
    Broken Fishing Rod: 100mb
    Broken Mirror: 150k
    Broken Red Fishing Rod: 100mb
    Brown Paint: 5mill


    Candy Cane Chair: 5k
    Canoe: 100k
    Catapult: 5k
    Cauldron: 15k
    Ceremonial Mask: 500mb
    Chip the Wolf Plushie: 50mb
    Christmas Table Lamp: 1k
    Christmas tree with angel: 100mb
    Christmas tree: 500mb
    Clown Shirt: 10k
    Colhurst Map: 1mb
    Colhurst Portrait: 8k
    Colhurst Shovel: 10k
    Cornucopia: 25k
    CTC Goggles: 1k
    CTC Lab Coat: 1k
    Cupid Statue: 5k


    Decorative snowman: 1k
    Diamond Necklace: 100mb
    Dinosaur Skull: 1k
    Divers Helmet: 1mb
    Donation Shirt With Medals: Priceless
    Donation Shirt Without Medals: Priceless
    Dress with Spot Pattern: 10k
    Drop Waist Diamond Dress: 10k


    Ear Muffs: 1k
    Egyptian Sarcophagus: 10k
    Elephant Statue: 80k
    Elf Hat: 100mbs
    Eyeball Soup: 15k


    Faberge Egg: 2k
    Fangy Sue: 500k
    Fireplace with stockings: 2k
    Fireplace with stockings (RED): 5k
    Fish Bones: 10k
    Fisherman Style Hat: 1mb
    Flared Green Flower Pants: 15k
    Floral Summer Dress (All Colors): 10k
    Flower Ball: 5 million
    Force Field: 5k
    Furry Winter Boots(All):200k


    Gingerbread House: 2k
    Gold Ring: 10k
    Gold Watch: 8k
    Golden Laurel Crown: 1k
    Golden Serpent: 8k
    Golden Valley T-Shirt: 65K
    Gravity Boots: 1k
    Greek Lyre: 75k
    Green Dress w/ Flower Accent: 5k
    Green Flower Wallpaper: 2 million
    Green Wrap Around Dress: 20k
    Gumball Machine: 135k


    Half Chair: 1k
    Half Table: 250MB
    Handmade Wood Sofa: 6.5 million
    Hang Loose Fishboard: 1k
    Hero's Engine: 1k
    Hip Waders: 300mb
    Holiday Dress: In Stores
    Holiday Lights: 500mb
    Hologram Projector: 7k
    Home Electronics Super T-Shirt: 10k
    Horse Stir-Ups: 5mb


    Inflatable Duck Innertube: 300k
    Inflatable Whale Innertube: 300k


    Jack-o-Ball: 10 million
    Jenneira Completed Puzzle: 35k
    Jenneira Puzzle Piece: 2.5k
    Jenny Jackolantern: 50k
    Jerry Jackolantern: 155k
    Johnny Jackolantern: 100k


    Kerosene lantern: 10mb
    Kwanzaa Drum: 500mbs
    Kwanzaa Kinara: 2k
    Kwanzaa Wallpaper: 1.5k


    Lakeview T-Shirt: 50k
    Lilac Wallpaper: 300k
    Lion Dance Head Piece: 5k
    Long Dress: 10k
    Lucky Charms Bracelet: 850k
    Lucky Charms Clover Pants: 1,500,000k(1.5 million)
    Lucky Charms Hat: 575k
    Lucky Charms Red Shirt: 800k


    Magenta Cap: 5k
    Magenta Stuffed Chair: 700k
    Membership Card: 3.5k
    Menorah Wallpaper: 500mb
    Metro Park T-Shirt: 50k
    Millsberry Academy Blue Teddy Bear: 11k
    Millsberry Academy Layered Tee: 5k
    Millsberry Academy Yellow Teddy Bear: 11k
    Modern Art Poster: 1k
    Modern Landscape Magazines: 500k
    Monster Chair: 30k
    Mummy Doll: 8k


    Nanomite: 3k
    Native American Drum: 4k
    Noise Maker: 1k


    Obelisk: 100k
    Old Coat Rack: 55k
    Old Soggy Boot: 1mb
    Orange Dress w/Spot Pattern: 7k
    Orange Lava Lamp: 500k
    Orange Spider Invasion Wallpaper: 15k
    Orange Spider Stool: 20k
    Orange Witch Bear: 15k


    Pacific Island Monolith: 1.5 million
    Palm Tree Tee: 5k
    Parka: 3k
    Peasant Dress: 15k
    Phonograph: 40k
    Pile of sand: 150mb
    Pine Wreath: 100mb
    Pipe Organ: 900k
    Plastic Hand Chair: 100k
    Plymouth Rock Replica: 50k
    Porcelain Doll: 2k
    Pot of Gold: 300k
    Promotional Admission Ticket: 250mb
    Purple Lava Lamp: 450k
    Purple Rubber Spider: 10k
    Purple Spider Stool: 70k
    Purple Striped Sofa: 300k
    Purple Valentine Bear: 3k


    Ravenwood Dollhouse:300k
    Ravenwood T-Shirt: 40k
    Reach The Sky Longboard: 1mb
    Rectangular Basket (Blue): 250k
    Rectangular Basket (Bright Purple): 100k
    Rectangular Basket (Pale Purple): 1 million
    Rectangular Basket (Red): 2 million
    Red Button: 100k
    Red Cloth Dining Table: 172k
    Red Flowers (not potted): 8k
    Red Lion Manor Dollhouse: 300k
    Red Lion Manor Statue: 1 million
    Red Roses: 10k
    Red Round Back Sofa: 247k
    Red Skull Bust: 1.5k
    Red Teddy Bear: 200k
    Red Valentine Bear: 2k
    Reese's Brown Circular Rug: Tech item, unsearchable
    Reese's Puff Snowboarding Outfit: 12k
    Retro Lunchbox: 1mill
    Retro Spinning Top: 500k
    Retro Yo-yo: 400k
    Rubber Ball w/Stars: 2k
    Rubber Eye Ball: 10k
    Rubber Spider: 50k
    Rusted Can: 2.5k
    Rusted Car: 9.5k


    Scarecrow: 700mb
    Seafoam Green Paint: 2mill
    Seaweed Covered Hat: 50mb
    Shrub: 20k
    Simple Christmas Lamp: 1k
    Sleeveless Dress w/ Leggings: 5k
    Sleigh: 3k
    Sleigh Bed: 10k
    Snow Cutter: 20k
    Snow Shovel: 6k
    Snowflake backpack: 1.5k
    Snowflake bed: 5k
    Snowflake desk: 10k
    Snowflake mittens: 1k
    Snowflake sweater: 1k
    Snowflake Tokens: 60k
    Snowflake Wallpaper: 2.5k
    Snowman: 1k
    Spider-Man(TM) 3 Green Goblin Water Squirter: 5k
    Spider-Man(TM) 3 Sandman Water Squirter: 25k
    Spider-Man(TM) 3 Spider-Man Water Squirter: 72k
    Spider-Man(TM) 3 Venom Water Squirter: 2k
    Spiral Art Poster: 200mb
    Spooky Black Cat Toy: 1k
    Square Bowling Ball: 50k
    Striped Sofa in Lime: 800k
    Stuffed Spider: 50mb
    Suit of Armor: 750k
    Sundial: 250mb
    Svendi Reading Unit: 3mil
    Swampy Boots: 20mb
    Sylvie Beach Ball: 250mb
    Sylvie Hat: 1k
    Sylvie Lunchbox: 1.5k
    Sylvie Plushie: 3k
    Sylvie Sofa: 1k
    Sylvie T-shirt: 5k
    Sylvie Wallpaper: 200k


    Teacup Bath: 400k
    Tentacle bob: 20k
    Thanksgiving Turkey Wall Decoration: 300k
    Three-legged Chair: 15k
    Totem Pole: 5k
    Toy Boat: 18k
    Trampoline: 40k
    Trix Puzzle: 7 million
    Tulips: 100-1500
    Turkey Plushie: 200k
    Turkey Stuffed Toy: 300k

    Underwater bed: 5,000,000 (5 million)
    Unmarked dial: 30k
    US Flag: 500mb


    Voice Recorder: 50k


    Water Raft: 500mb
    Wave Pattern Shortboard: 1k
    Westridge T-Shirt: 50k
    White Round Back Sofa: 550k
    Wings: 3k-15k
    Worm Sandwich: 10k
    Wrought Iron Fence: 500k


    Yellow Blouse: 2.5k
    Yellow Tie-Up Sandals: 7k


    3-Drawer Dresser (Red): 750k
    4th of July Banner: 250mb
    4th of July Bow (Not Bow Tie): 250mb
    4th of July Bow Tie:5mill
    4th of July T-Shirt (Horizontal Stripes): 100mb
    4th of July T-Shirt (Vertical Stripes): 4k[b]

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    Item Prices Empty Re: Item Prices

    Post by klq123 on Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:20 am

    whoa! nice job! but i wish i could find good deals like this in ys's! but noooo everyone has to sell them for 9,999,999 millsbucks! grr! makes me mad!
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    Item Prices Empty Re: Item Prices

    Post by Desiree on Tue May 19, 2009 12:48 am

    Some of the prices r too low. barbell, boomerang, branch, and gumball machine are all in the millions! fangy sue is millions too. i wish i could find things at these prices!

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    Item Prices Empty Re: Item Prices

    Post by andysookoo on Tue May 19, 2009 2:42 am


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